Important Tips and Tricks to Get Amazing Dragons in Dragon City

Dragons are an important part of Dragon City mobile game. The game Dragon City is like a new world where you can control any dragon you want, but for that, you have to unlock them as well. Players play Dragon City because they can unlock lots of dragons, but they do not know much about the procedure, which they should know when they are playing Dragon City. There are several tips that players can follow to unlock the dragons, and one of them is to visit dragon lair, which is a genuine way to unlock powerful dragons.

Unlock the dragons

As I mentioned above that dragons are an important part of the game, and without having lots of dragons, it will like an empty game with nothing to enjoy at all. Millions of players play Dragon City because they know that they can unlock lots of dragons, but developers unlock new dragons every week, and for some players, it can be tough to unlock them. You have to do many things to unlock the dragons, and these are mentioned below –

  • Learn every type of elemental dragon
  • Know about special dragons
  • Unlock them from the game store
  • Breed the dragons to get a new type of dragons

Breeding is a great way to get a new type of dragon, but for that, you have to the element about dragons. Every dragon is based on some element, and there are some dragons that do not relate to an element. Breeding the dragons or generating dragons is not a bad way to unlock. In fact, players use Dragon lair to unlock those that are hard to get. It is a safe and genuine way to unlock those dragons that players probably don’t get to unlock.

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